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“me Wallet”: Why and how to use this portfolio for your cryptocurrencies?

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When one buys its first cryptocurrencies, one often chooses to go through the recent most famous Exchange site “”. This platform can keep your assets and you find this opportunity much simpler. You’re right, it’s easier! On the other hand, in terms of security, that is the wrong solution. Today, “” has decided to introduce you to “me wallet” to secure your coins, ethers and other ERC-20 tokens.


The Exchange: simple but risky

If the “me wallet” is a secure, tamper-proof registry, and my cryptocurrencies are stored there, how can a hacker do that to me?


Indeed, the “me wallet” secures your assets, the only way for a hacker to steal from you is to get your private key. However, by choosing to leave your values on the Exchange platform as “” you do not have access to this private key. So you trust the exchange (trading site or simple purchase) to keep and secure the key of the account. Despite their efforts, several sites have been pirated in recent years, including “” recently.nOkay, it is necessary to have access to its private key, but where to find it?



The wallets that they are digital, paper or hardware gives you access to your private key. The difference between the wallets is the support you use to keep your key.


What is “me wallet”?

me wallet” allows to generate wallets whose private key is kept digitally, it is also possible to create a paper wallet (whose key is to be printed or to be copied on a single sheet). The user is then fully responsible for the security of his keys. He can consult his portfolio and manage his shipments and receipts of cryptocurrencies. “me wallet” accepts the Ether as well as the “me tokens”. This portfolio allows you to invest in tokens as part of an ICO (Initial Coin offering) offering ERC20 tokens.


7 details to read before starting

1) “me wallet” is not a bank

2) ATTENTION to phishing, the site is the victim of fake sites that can fool Internet users. Prefer to type the URL of the site (its address) rather than search on Google, then save it in your favorites:


3) Please note your password because “” will not be able to give it back and you will have lost your wallet.


4) Note your private key on paper in several copies if possible that you will keep in different places. “” will not be able to give it back to you and you will have lost your wallet.

5) When you generate your wallet on “”, be sure to do so from a private network (from home).


6) For security, do not store your private key or password preferably on your computer or on your phone.

7) Never communicate your private key, only your public address can be communicated.

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