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Shopping Guide On The Big Online Market Place “AliExpress”

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“Aliexpress” is such as a website from where you can buy thousands of products as you like within your simple budget. Simply, it is an online shopping place where you can buy any product at a cheap rate. Let’s try to know how can we buy products from “Aliexpress” ….


How to register the AliExpress shop and make the first order?

  • Visit now for the “A to Z” AliExpress shopping guide
  • · First Click on the Language button.
  • · Click on the Select Language button (select the language)
  • · Choose your language. You can also choose one of the fully supported languages of the website (Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French...), whose translation will be more accurate, search in those languages.
  • The site will now be translated into Lithuanian. If you want to turn off the translation, “Show original (Click on the original show).

The only loan for this method is that you will not be able to search the product by entering your name in the search box in Lithuanian, enter the English name. You can still search for objects through directories on the left side of the page. In a word, Aliexpress will be displayed in Lithuanian, but it will act as if it was in English.

Customs and postal tax when buying goods from countries outside the EU


Postal and customs in Lithuania

Often, people are asking what additional proposals they apply to in Lithuania when they buy goods from Aliexpress, Gear best, Amazon or other foreign e-shops. If goods are shipped from warehouses in Europe, no additional charges should be applicable except for shipping charges when you purchase the item. If goods are shipped outside the European Union (third country), the product may be subject to additional charges.


Aliexpress dispute (case dispute) for the item or its delivery

If you did not receive the product, it has been damaged or there has been a problem. You can start the dispute that you will not agree with the opinion while the update from the seller and Aliexpress intervenes. If it has already happened that you need to start it, do not do this after 60 days after ordering the item (remittance of goods).



How does it work?

Now, wait for the seller’s answer. You should receive the registration by e-mail for updates on the dispute. The seller may accept the terms you provide, may suggest a separate solution (for example, resending the product if the product is not received or damaged), reducing the number of refunds and PNS. You may agree or disagree. If you do not agree, you can readjust the terms.


However, if the parties disagree or in the near future (15d later) is not written by the vendor, you are on the dispute page. “Dispute “Can click on, therefore the dispute will enter Aliexpress, which will help resolve the disagreement. Will allow the revised disagreement to be revised. Cancel the dispute will reset the dispute.

Aliexpress may request additional evidence. Usually, Aliexpress takes a useful decision for the buyer, but it depends on the situation. Aliexpress decision is final and unsolicited (if you do not agree with the decision of Epicures, you can write the complaint through Aliexpress ‘ UI bank, but it is a completely different subject and in most cases, it is a loss of time.


Aliexpress Regional settings, prices in Euro

Visit the Aliexpress site for the prices in Euro.

  • “Ship to “Click the button.
  • Here you can set your own location, so you’ll see the right shipping value for the goods.
  • Set the currency (for example Euro-euro)
  • “Save “Click the button.

From now on, prices will be displayed in euros. When you choose your country, you’ll see the exact shipping price.



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