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Vehicle accessories and Fittings

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What are the considers types of equipment as accessories?

In the case of accessories, the list is long, but generally, you can find, trailers, audio or video players, GPS, any decorative elements brought to the body (painting, tuning, decal,...) or inside the vehicle (modification Seats, steering wheel, roof, safe,...). These changes are therefore pure aesthetic or for the purpose of comfort improvement.


The special case of car development

Although often grouped in the same category, the fittings differ from the accessories by the fact that their installation is carried out on a permanent basis and modifies the external or internal structure of the vehicle, such as, for the most common the Fixed bars or roof boxes. This is particularly the case for all commercial vehicles (storage, partition, Access ramp,...) or transport of persons (addition of passenger seats, deletion of seats,...). It also fits into this framework all the changes made to adapt a vehicle to people with disabilities, which also gives the right to financial assistance.



Attention, However, the transformation of use of a vehicle or its passenger capacity requires a new homologation of it, issued by the regional Directorates for Environment, Development, and Housing (DREAL).


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