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ZipSCREEN-The vertical sun protection

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Screen ZIP

Zipscreen is the perfect choice for entertaining outdoors this summer. Ideal for pergolas, verandas, and balconies, Zipscreen turns your alfresco area into a comfortable new room, offering protection from the elements without interrupting your view.


Easy to operate, your Zipscreen system can be opened and closed manually or motorized, offering control at the touch of a button. Custom design a Zipscreen for your outdoor area up to 5 meters wide this summer, in a color that suits your home decor.

A new multi-talent is the new textile sun protection from Roofseal-the Zipscreen outdoor blinds effective protection against sunlight and during the day protection from glimpses of brightly lit rooms.


The difference to other sunscreen systems: while other sun protection system must be retracted in the case of winding, the Zipscreen outdoor blinds system remains stable even in strong winds.


Over the entire height, the screen is held in the guide rail and is also resisted where others are fading. Due to a heavy profile, the cloth is kept on tension and wrinkles are reduced.


The ZipSCREEN outdoor as an insect repellent. The since guiding with the continuous sealing is also excellent as insect protection. Light-pure insects out. Zip SCREEN reduces solar radiation by up to 75%. The resulting temperature reduction, as well as the reduced glare, create a pleasant room climate.

The Zipscreen outdoor blinds are mounted from the outside in front of the window or door. It can be automatically used and retracted and thus adapted to the current weather conditions. The drive is driven exclusively by an engine. Modern comfort remote control on request.



1. Advantage Atmosphere

Through the ZipScreen, the atmosphere in a room can become even more beautiful. Through the translucent fabric, the brightness of the room is preserved and you can enjoy the sunlight-whether you are standing up in the bedroom or in everyday life in the entire apartment.


2. The advantage of Security + visual protection

In summer, the sun can seem 10-12 hours a day, warming up a room. The ZipScreen can help to keep the room pleasantly tempered and still not lose brightness. Besides, it serves not only as a sun protection, but also protects against unwanted looks.


3. Energy Saving Advantage

The textile screen can also help with energy saving. They can be used to avoid the purchase of expensive air conditioning systems as they reduce up to 75% of the sun’s rays. The rooms remain pleasantly tempered and do not heat up excessively. In winter, the ZipScreen can also be used as insulation and the warmth stays in the house.


4. Advantage Comfort

A remote control allows the ZipScreen to be easily controlled from the sofa. The power on and off occurs automatically and the sun protection can be adapted to the current weather conditions. They are simple and individually programmable and contribute to the luxury of the apartment.


5. Advantage Design

The ZipScreens are available in different colors and the aluminum brackets can also be ordered in their desired color powder coated. They are therefore not only made of the high-quality and resistant material but can also be individually adapted to each window and give the house a special charm.



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